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Kuman thong Ghost Spirit

Product Description



SUPER POWERFUL GENUINE Kuman Thong Statue by LP TAE - Wat-Sam-Ngam

Call Money and call Love & protect Evil .

This is The Best for Gambling & Good Fortune Amulet !!

No 1 . Popular witchcraft Magic Voodoo Amulet .



*** My store Not sell Cheap fake Amulets , My store sell only Real genuine good quality items , Got direclt from necromancer / Shaman .

And Amulets will made Owner Get good results / Effect in wish. You will get very powerful magic amulets .



Magic Guman Kuman tong Best of gambling business Rich Love Lucky Thai Amulets .

The Best Good Spirit Powerful Money Rich Wealth Love Amulets.


*** Chanted 9 days 9 nights ***


Genuine Voodoo Doll Baby Ghost Guman Kuman thong gumanthong kumanthong Thai Khmer Top Magic Wealth Lucky Amulet

Baby Ghost SPIRIT will help you success your wish.

Black Magic Good Spirit Voodoo Doll Talisman help Owner protect from All harm and Evil .
Powerful Holy Magic Kumantong Thai Amulet Statue


SIZE Bottle : width 2.7 cm , Height 5.5 CM





Contain : POWERFUL Twin Kuman Thong Statue .

made from Soil in 7 cemetery / Prai Baby Ghost Herb .





Khata & Worship

incense 5 pieces and worship with red sweet water .

Khata Worship Kuman Tong

first say
Na-mo-tas-sa Pa-ka-wa-to Ar-ra-ha-to Sum-ma-sum-put-ta-sa (3 times)

1. Guman Thong (Offering)
Ma ma ba ri pu cha chan-du ja ma ha poo ta a-kun chai ya a-kun chami ae-himama mama

2. Guman Thong (Removing Food) -
Uga sa Uga sa, Phra wan dtu may

3. Guman Thong (Wish)
Kud cha ma ha poo to Samanudsaso sataewago karohi pito wadjanaena sumpunnaena prasittiya

4. Guman Thong (Charm)
Ma ta ya ta ni yung put tung a yu sa ae ka put ta ma nu ruk kae a wum pi sup pa poo tae ma na sum pa wa yer pa ri ma nung

5. Guman Thong (Attract Opposite Sex)
Pi yo tae wa ma nud sa nung pi yo prom ma nu mut ta mo pi yo na ka su pun na nung pi nin si yung na ma mi hung

Baby Ghost SPIRIT will help you success your wish.



Thai occult sorcery Love gambling great wealth windfall fortune Maha Saney powerful .

Thai Amulet Holy Kumanthong Ghost Baby Doll Black Magic Voodoo Talisman

Voodoo Doll Baby Ghost GumanThong Kumanthong Thai Buddha Amulet


consecrate by LP Tae . followed ancient wicha and strongly blessed in auspicious time by himself inviting spirit into each amulet

Top of Thailand Shaman , His amulets recognized worldwide and there are many Anglicans .


LP Tae of Wat-Sam-Ngam
Origin: Nakhonpathom Province

"The best Gumarnthong of all times"

For the better guru monk who made Gumarnthong can compare to Luangpor Tae, there're none. When people searching for the best and most powerful Buddha amulets from Thailand, they are PhraSomdej WatRakhang by SomdejToh . For the best and most powerful Gumarnthong amulets/statues, they are Gumarnthong by Luangpor Tae Khongthong from WatSamngam. A great legendary guru monk of Thailand, who is a master of Luangpor Yam WatSamngam .

When the great King Rama 9th visit the monk, he's only visit the best monk in the land of Buddha. And Luangpor Tae Khongthong visited by the King.

Gumarnthong are famous in Thailand, they're image of the old thai boy with top knot hair style,made famous by the warlord name "Khunpan" used them since the war time to protect him in the battlefield, warned from dangers, and grant him successful wishes.

At present day, people use Gumarnthong to help achieve in career, successful in business purpose, bring fast wealth luck fortune and good income, help in relationship, bring love and respect from people, people use Gumarnthong to protect their home, protect their treasure and precious belonging, protect their love one and family. Gumarnthong help owner protect from dangers and misfortune, protection from evils/darkness.

For those who worship and use Gumarnthong, their life is being blessed by their spirits for all times which same with any gods/devas or their ancestors spirits. Gumarnthong is a souls of boys/girls who died before their right time, wander until the monk invite them by ritual to the part of Buddha's hood(Monk's Gumarnthong). Gumarnthong come to help people to conduct their own karma,. They share the good karma together whenever their owner conducted, and so does the bad karma as well, which is why gumarnthong are famous, it is like Yin and Yang(Black and White), they're depend on how people will treat and use them, they're powerful and fast as they'll want their own karma through their owner.

Gumarnthong alway need to keep important in mind that they'll become very powerful specialy made by a great monk like Luangpor Tae who know exactly how to builded the ceremony, chanted invited the souls to come and bless the wearer from the statues/amulets. When time passed by and people alway treat, worship and pray to them. They blessing strong miracle in every way.

Luangpor Tae is one of the most famous guru monk in Thailand who made Gumarnthong. His Gumarnthong is top chart of holy items in Thailand, and when come to the best Gumarnthong that people searching for worship, they're his Gumarnthong. People willing to pay any amount to get a hold of his holy items. But most important thing that Thailandamulets.com provide, is that these have to be 100% real and genuine, once the wearer worship, something great and powerful blessing to their owner.

Luangpor Tae Khongtong born on Monday 15 June b.e.2434, year of rabbit at BarnSamngarm village Nakhonpathom province. Father name "Jan" and mother name "Bu", surname "Samngamnoi". 7 brothers/sisters. Luangpor Tae is the 5th of the family.

When Luangpor Tae is 7 years old, he ordained as junior monk at WatGarlong Samutsakorn province, studied dharma and spellls for 3 years from his uncle, the famous abbot by the time, Luanglung "Dang" of WatGarlong.

At the time, Luangplung Dang see that there's no buddhist temple in the Dorntoom village area of Nakhonpathom province. He asked Luangpor Tae, he told him that he'll builded the temple at Dorntoom village.


When 21st years old. Luangpor Tae ordained become senior monk which holding full precept. Ordained by Luangpor Tar WatPaneangtak, famous guru monk at the time. Given title in the monk hood "KhongThong"(StillGold). Luangpor Tar was the powerful magician monk of thailand, just like Luangpu Sook fromWatPakrongmakarmtao . Luangpor Tar had pass down all his knownledge spells to Luangpor Tae, also gumatarn meditation.

Not for long that LuangplungDang the 1st abbot of WatSamngam had passed away. Luangpor Tae then have to come back to WatSamngam to look after the temple and blessing the villagers, he then become the abbot of WatSamngarm later on.

Like any old guru monk, Luangpor Tae start his pilgrimage to earn experience and test his own knowledge and karma alone among forest/cave from b.e.2455-2472 for 17 years.


Luangpor Tae also become a disciple of Luangpor Cham WatTarkong, a cambudian magician monk at the time, he had learned how to consecrate powerful items from him. And many master during his pilgrimage until he success how to awaken the elements and invited spirits to make Gumarnthong, regards his knownledge(Vicha) spells that he had learned, Luangpor Tae wouldn't be able to have a bath more than ten years.

In B.E.2475, Luangpor Tae become offcial abbot of WatSamngam


In B.E.2476, Luangpor Tae made many holy items, before the world-war 2 which each of them been said by many people to grant fast and powerful miracles. The most famous of all his items blessing both in Thailand and overseas are his Gumarnthong. The Gumarthong batch b.e.2510-12 that Thailandamulets.com provided, Luangpor Tae handmade them in the crematory by himself. Chanting while burning the died body of kids which died in their mother, blessing and dedicate good karma for them to their next world, leaving their spirit attachement on this world only their holy spirits to help people with miracle.

Once Luangpor Tae finished made these Gumarnthong, he bring back to his room. Chanted them for years and then let go for donation.

Luangpor Tae Khongthong passed away on 25 December b.e.2524 at an age of 80 year old 6 months 10 days. 59 years serving in the monk hood. At present his body still at WatSamngam for people to visit to pray and worship.




You are bidding for GENUINE GUMAN THONG LP Yam Wat Sam Ngam POWERFUL Wealth. Kuman Thong is a Ghost of Baby Boy who was bind by Magic to be Servant Son of the owner. When you have Kuman Thong in your possession .You will be magically success in anything you wish. By the power of Kuman Thong will help increasing your Prosperity. Magic Kuman of LP Yam Magic Kuman, call Kuman Koa Ha mean growing wealth. This shape of this kuman is unique from other magician monk. LP Yam Magician Monk of Wat Sam-Ngam in Nakornpratom Province ,Thailand created and blessed this amulet with 7 cemetery soil mixed with ash old child for using as Luck Builder ,Wealth & Prosperity Amulet. LP Yam is disciple of LP Tae, The way he blessed same as LP Tae blessed.


Kuman Thong – Thailand's Golden Ghost Boy

If you know anything about Thai people, you'll know that they are seriously afraid of ghosts. That's why it might be surprising to know that millions of Thais willingly invite a ghost to stay at their home or business. Of course this isn't such a scary ghost like the distraught Mae Nak or the grotesque Phi Krasue —rather we're talking about a cute little boy ghost called Kuman Thong. The name “Kuman Thong” means “golden boy,” and as you can guess, Thai people give the little child spook a place on their shrines in the belief that he'll help them out in money matters.

But his help comes at a price. If you chose to bring Kuman into your home, you've accepted a responsibility to take care of him. If a neglected child can throw a temper tantrum—how much more so when that child is a ghost? Like many things spiritual in Thailand, Kuman Thong seems to be a mix of truth and superstition. But after getting stuck living with him for a year, I believe in him enough to not want anything to do with him again.

History of Kuman Thong

A real Kuman Thong is not one of the smiling plastic statues that you see on so many shrines around Thailand. The original and true Kuman Thong is something entirely more sinister and taboo—the art of black magic at its darkest. To make Kuman Thong, one first has to surgically remove a stillborn fetus from its mother's womb. A ceremony must then be performed by someone well-trained in the ancient secrets of Thai animist necromancy. In a cemetery, at night, the dead baby is dry-roasted over a fire while the necromancer chants the necessary mantras and secret incantations that will bind the spirit of the stillborn child to it. Once dried, the corpse is covered in lacquer and gold foil, which is the original reason for the name Kuman Thong.



In the most authentic version of the ceremony, a substance called Nam-man phrai is also applied to the corpse. The method of collecting Nam-man phrai is quite spooky in itself. It involves burning a candle under the chin of the corpse of a woman who died while pregnant, and collecting the oil that comes out of the skin. It is said to be powerful stuff and is used in all sorts of folk magic such as crafting love charms, though genuine Nam-man phrai is illegal.

The origin of making Kuman Thong seems to be found in the folk legend Khun Chang Khun Phaen , which is based on the life of a soldier in the Ayutthaya era. In the story, Khun Phaen makes the first Kuman Thong from the fetus of his dead wife's unborn child.

Nowadays, genuine Kuman Thong have been mostly replaced by symbolic statues that depict a young boy in traditional Ayutthaya era attire. Kuman has his hair done up in a little topknot and will often be holding a small sack of gold.


How to Keep Kuman Thong

Taking a Kuman Thong home and setting up a little shrine for him is a little bit like adopting a new child. It is thought that Kuman can grant favors for his master, but only if he's happy and even then there can be unintended side-effects.

Taking care of Kuman involves giving him something to eat and drink every day. He has a sweet-tooth—as most little boys do—and so candy, cookies, or other snacks are considered good food offerings. For drinks, he likes Nam-daeng exclusively. Nam-daeng means “red water” and is a kind of sweetened beverage made with bright red artificial coloring and flavoring from the sala fruit ( Salacca wallichiana ). In place of traditional Nam-daeng , Red Fanta is acceptable.

All gods and spirits in Thailand seem to enjoy this sweet red beverage, which I'm guessing has become a substitute in Buddhist times for animist blood offerings of the distant past.

Since Kuman is a child, it's also very common for people to offer toys for him to play with. Just like a real child, Kuman needs attention. You have to acknowledge his presence, talk to him sometime, etc. and then he'll be nice and help you out. Otherwise, he might play tricks on you. People who keep Kuman at home are often reported to have strange things happen such as hearing phantom sounds of a child's laughter or the sound of little footsteps running around as if a child were playing. Other typical poltergeist activity can occur such as doors seemingly opening or closing on their own and other objects moving around.

You can't just simply get rid of a Kuman Thong once you've already had it—that would be asking for trouble. Instead, you are supposed to take an unwanted Kuman to a temple, where some type of ritual can be done to release you from the burden of caring for the ghost.



**Special Tips in Worshiping Kuman Tong

You should offer him with sweet drink and boiled eggs because they will make Kuman Tong more powerful. Their shelves must be lower than the shelf that you put the image of Buddha. If you want to take them with you, you should bring some food in your bag and tell your Kuman Tong that this food would be their prize if they help bringing you good luck and miracle.

If you do not have much time to worship Kuman Tong everyday, you can put some money on their shelves and tell them that they could use this money to buy food or sweet. You should be careful not to use the money you have already given to Kuman Tong but you can distribute this money to make them merit, and they will be full without consuming anything. The most important thing is that the owners of Kuman Tong have to be virtue, they should meditate too to make their Kuman Tong more powerful.

The Way to Worship Kuman Tong.....

We can worship Kuman Tong by offering him with rice, boiled egg, sweet drink, candy, and toys. Besides to make Kuman Tong more powerful, we should make a vow. For example, you should pray that if you win the lottery, you will offer Kuman Tong gold necklace, or buy him toys, or feed him with sweet. This action will persuade Kuman Tong to exercise his power. Yet, if you do not have time to do all these, you can only invite Kuman Tong that he could go everywhere you go or eat anything in the house without your permission.

If you worship Kuman Tong with food, you have to do these as your routine. You may offer them food on every the Buddhist Days of Worship only and you have to tell your Kuman Tong that you will bring them food on this or that way. Because they are sacred spirit and hold to the truth, you have to be punctual in offering them your worship. You should offer them food in the mornings and take it away in the evenings.

Yet, other offering such as accessories like rings or necklaces, and toys can be given to him permanently. You should be careful not to neglect offering Kuman Tong your worship. If you are not convenient in doing so, you would better tell them that: "You can go everywhere I go and eat everything I eat."

Because if you ignore your Kuman Tong, they will finally ignore your order and run away from you too. Moreover if the spirit inside the statue of Kuman Tong comes from the grave, he will as well bring destructiveness to his owner, if you ignore him. He will become an evil spirit haunting his owner, driving you crazy, and you will no longer be happy. Therefore you should think carefully before taking Kuman Tong to live with you

Three Methods of Creating and Three Kinds of Spirits There are three ways of creating Kuman Tong.

1. Some masters create Kuman Tong by using soil from seven graves and combining with "Prai Kuman Dust", which is soft dust of children's bone ash. Kuman Tong in this category will be fierce and extremely powerful. He can inspire both good

and bad things. The spirits inhibiting inside this Kuman Tong usually come from the graves or it might be a child spirit in the bone ash. This kind of Kuman Tong requires good attention and worship. The spirits inside the statue of Kuman Tong can also grow up like ordinary children.

2. Kuman Tong can be created by using ordinary soil or wood and inviting the good spirit of angel to inhibit inside the statue. Kuman Tong in this kind does not always show off his power as the first one because the angel spirits do not need ordinary food to grow up. The masters usually recite an incantation over this kind of Kuman Tong with other talismans such as a famous Kuman Tong from Laung Por Pull, Wat Pai Lom Temple.

3. Kuman Tong can also be created by using wood from withered trees, especially, from withered Ruk son and star gooseberry trees, because people thinks that the withered wood is sacred in itself, so there is no need to recite any incantation over. Using the withered wood, people believe that; will make Kuman Tong more powerful and sacred. The masters put a spell on it to create a spirit inside the statue. Therefore, the spirits inside this kind of Kuman Tong do not come from the graves or heaven but they are created by the power of the masters' spell. This kind of spirits can be called "Prai". They will not grow up and always appear as children's spirits. The owners of this Kuman Tong may or may not worship him with food because "Prai" in this Kuman Tong will not know how to hurt anyone. Yet, if they ignore Kuman Tong completely, the power inside the statue will gradually disappear. On the other hand, if the owners take good care of their talismans, Kuman Tong's power will increase and he can more effectively bring the owners good luck.

These three kinds of spirits inside the statues of Kuman Tong come from difference places, the first ones are the wandering spirit, the second ones are from heaven, and the last ones come from the power of the masters' spell. These three kinds of spirits make Kuman Tong in each school appear in different characteristics. Kuman Tong with the spirits of the graves have the strongest power, while the second ones are sacred but do not always show off their power, and the third ones sometimes appear to people's eyes but do not have very strong power

1. Guman Thong with Khun Paen
Na-mo-tas-sa Pa-ka-wa-to Ar-ra-ha-to Sum-ma-sum-put-ta-sa (3 times)
Gu-ma-ro-mar-ma Ae-he-jit-tung Pi-yung-ma-ma
Aohm Farfeen Jarernsri Sreegu ngarm mearn khunpan
Khangu ngarm mearn Khanphra Narai
Guygu ngarm mearn Guyphra Phrom
Khongu ngarm mearn Khonnok Garnarm
Na Rumrai rukkrai hennar Mo Laruaychuayparmar
Putt Tarmaha Tha Rongtuk Ya Kwakmer Nagarohothi
Jongmarbunggerd pen Na Metta Seengai Khaidee Meegumrai
Seengai Khaikrong MeeNgern MeeTong Leergin LeerChai Sadhu.

2. Guman Thong (Offering)
Ma ma ba ri pu cha chan-du ja ma ha poo ta a-kun chai ya a-kun chami ae-himama mama

3. Guman Thong (Removing Food) -
Uga sa Uga sa, Phra wan dtu may

4. Guman Thong (Wish)
Kud cha ma ha poo to Samanudsaso sataewago karohi pito wadjanaena sumpunnaena prasittiya

5. Guman Thong (Charm)
Ma ta ya ta ni yung put tung a yu sa ae ka put ta ma nu ruk kae a wum pi sup pa poo tae ma na sum pa wa yer pa ri ma nung

6. Guman Thong (Attract Opposite Sex)
Pi yo tae wa ma nud sa nung pi yo prom ma nu mut ta mo pi yo na ka su pun na nung pi nin si yung na ma mi hung



" Kuman Thong " Talisman of good luck and wealth.

Kuman Thong (Thai: กุมารทอง) is an effigy, or statue which is revered in Thailand by animists. They are believed to bring luck and fortune to the owner, if properly revered. Kuman, or Kumara (Pali) means “young boy” (female kumari); thong means golden. Kuman thong is not a Buddhist practice, but necromancy. Genuine Kuman Thong, which was revered and created in ancient times according to traditional method by Adept practitioners of Saiyasart, was made by surgically removing the unborn fetus from the womb of its Mother. The body of the child would then be taken to a cemetery for the conduction of the ceremony to invoke a Kuman Thong. The body is roasted until dry whilst the Mage chants incantations of magical kata. In the case of making a female spirit child, the effigy is not called Kuman Tong, rather “Hong Pray”.

Some Kuman effigies will be soaked in Nam Man Prai,[1] which has extract of a dead child or a person who died in violent circumstances or an unnatural death. This is much less common now, because this practice is now illegal if using fat from human babies for the consecrating oil. There are however still some authentically made amulets appearing. Some years ago a famous monk was thrown out of the Buddhistsangha for roasting a baby. He was convicted, but later continued to make magic as a layperson after his release. The practice of creating Necromantic effigies of a Kuman Tong comes from age old tradition in Thailand. Thai folk have made Bucha to Animistic spirits and ghosts since time immemorial. The original Kuman Tong came from children who died whilst still in their mothers womb. The Magic makers would take these stillborn babies and adopt them as their children. From what information has been gathered from ancient Thai manuscripts about how to make a Kuman Tong, it appears that the correct method is to remove the dead baby surgically from the mothers womb, and take it to undergo the proper ceremonial ritual; The baby must be roasted until dry. This must be completed before dawn, and should be performed in a cemetery. Once the rite is completed, the dry-roasted Kuman should be painted with Ya Lak (a kind of lacquer used to cover amulets and Takrut with gold leaf, and covered in gold leaf. This is the real reason why this effigy received the name of “Kuman Thong” (which means “Golden Baby Boy”).





GOT directly from sorcerer


Performance Abillity of Amulet: Life protection,Good trade,Good metta ,Wealth, Prevent Dark Magic and Evil Spirits,
Danger Obstacle cease,Charms / Attraction in LOVE& SEX ,Give merciful,without poor, Triumphantly,
Loving Kindness, Harm proof, Avoid from danger,Change Bad Luck to Good Luck, Win Gambling , Wishes be Fulfilled,
Get Healthy Live Better And Be Happy. 

and also for your valuable collectible thing .


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We are expert collector and trader buddha amulets , antiques , Talismans items from Thailand & Southeast Asia.
We open amulet store in Thailand too.


All of our Amulets are 100 % Satisfaction guarantee and either straight from the temple or from very reliable sources including dealers and collectors
around Thailand with whom we are afilliated.

You can trust that the items are Rare, Sacred, Genuine and beautiful Items.


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