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Turtle Plod Nee LP Liew Wat Raitangthong Thai Buddha Amulet Talisman


Turtle Talisman Phra Sangkajai LP Liew Magic Wealth Luck Top Amulet.


Amulet : Turtle Talisman Phra Sangkajai LP Liew Generation Debt Off

PLOD NEE  B.E.2537

Material: Nawa - Loha ( 9 mix Magic metal Type)


Purpose: Good Fortune, Protection, Business Enhancements, Overcoming Obstacles, Avoiding Dangers, Kindness

SIZE : 3.2*5 cm

Item Got relic from my Uncle many year agos .




Temple / Maker : Luong Phor Liew (Wat Rai Tangtong)

The Turtle is always a symbol of Wealth, Fortune, Good Luck and Prosperity in every culture. It represents progress as the turtle is always walking straight, never side or backwards. Phra Sangkachai (In the center) is the Buddha of Wealth and Fortune similar to the chinese "Laughing Buddha"

This amulet have to be worn on a daily basis to accumulate and Increase one's luck tremendously. It attracts Good Luck, Wealth and Fortune from all directions to the wearer and will always make wealth materialize in a form of money through increase of business, sales, commission, sideline income etc. When there is no source to generate extra income, then one will definitely have their luck materialized and generate windfall through lottery (4D, Toto, Betting etc)

These Sangkachai Payadao Rian used to be our personal collection as we knew that one day it will have high demands and be worth selling. We collected many of these Rians during our temple trip many years back when we visited Wat Rai TangTong, along side with Wat SamNgam, Wat Sisatong (Rahu), Wat TangThong, Wat Tongsai, all within the same province of Nakom Pathom - Bangkok.


All these Rians have been cased up in gold plated Longya and Plastic (waterproof) wrapping because the material of the rian is very old.

This amulet may looks very simple but it is without doubt, one of the best amulet to own as many people have experienced miracles after wearing it.

This batch of amulet was made in year BE2537 (1994) and strongly blessed by LP Liew Himself for locals who donated to the temple, during the building process. During the grand blessing ceremony, many Thai locals witnessed some of the amulet moved by itself in a crawling manner while LP Liew was chanting over it. Another reason why this amulet brings great luck to the wearer is because whatever donation fund remains, LP Liew used it to built medical centers, education house etc for the poor villagers for free. The history behind this simple locket is very magnificent that is why this rian is highly worth collecting.







Luang Phor Liew was born in 1905 at Ratchaburi Province, Thailand. When he was young, he ran away from home to study Magical Knowledge (Wicha) with a Karen Ajarn. At the age of 27, he was ordained as a monk.
He studied the Phaya Tao (Tuttle) knowledge from LP Yon of Wat Ban Kong Yai, Ratchaburi Province. Thereafter, he was very successful in this Wicha (Magical Knowledge) and consecrated the First Phayatao Amulet in 1973. The Phaya Tao Amulet helps in Overcoming Obstacles, Protection from Danger, Wealth Fetcher, Prosperity, Metta, Success and Business Enhancements. Hence, the Phaya Tao became the symbol of LP Liew.


He also became very famous for the consecration and blessing of the Phaya Tao Amulets (many has witnessed that when LP Liew recites the Kartha (Magical Spells), the Phaya Tao Amulets was able to swim).

When giving Dhamma talks, at times, he would sit on a Live Giant Turtle. The turtle would just remain still (motionless) while he gave those talks, as it was listening to the Dhamma as well. LP Liew practiced the "Kwai Sik" or the Turtle Breathing Technique. His mastery over this practice was once tested by allowing himself to be wrapped in plastic (without any air passing through) and then was buried for 10 days without food or water. After ten days, he was unearthed and was alive and well.


Once he went to a cave for a retreat, many turtles came to the cave and offered him vegetables and fruits. Over the following weeks, about over 3,000 turtles visited and pay their respects to LP Liew. He gave Dhamma talks to the turtles. After finishing his talks, some of the turtles shed their bodies and were reborn in the heavenly realms.
After the retreat, he built a pond in his temple so that devotees could release "Fong Sang" such as turtles, fishes, eels from the markets and released them from the bondage.
Besides, consecrating Phaya Tao Amulets, LP Liew was also an Expert in Concentration and Mindfulness as taught by the Lord Buddha.


He left this world on 4th September, 2543.





Performance Abillity of Amulet: Life protection,Good trade,Good metta ,Wealth, Prevent Dark Magic and Evil Spirits,
Danger Obstacle cease,Charms / Attraction in LOVE& SEX ,Give merciful,without poor, Triumphantly,
Loving Kindness, Harm proof, Avoid from danger,Change Bad Luck to Good Luck, Win Gambling , Wishes be Fulfilled,
Get Healthy Live Better And Be Happy. 



and also for your valuable collectible thing .


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We are expert collector and trader buddha amulets , antiques , Talismans items from Thailand & Southeast Asia.
We open amulet store in Thailand too.


All of our Amulets are 100 % Satisfaction guarantee and either straight from the temple or from very reliable sources including dealers and collectors
around Thailand with whom we are afilliated.

You can trust that the items are Rare, Sacred, Genuine and beautiful Items.


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