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Product Description


Natural LP Thuad Leklai Kaew Buddha amulet in Gold Micron Pendant


LP Thuad Leklai Kaew - Glass metal charms Leklai Ajarn Korn ( The Best Leklai Master in Thailand )

SAMRET ONG LP tuad Leklai Kaew


SIZE / pieces - Approx : width 2 * height 3.5 cm


Leklai Master invite drop off from cave wall, Original shape, Cold cut. Pure adamantine substance Leklai Kaew .
Magical extraction processing. Empowered by Best Leklai Master, Very supernatural powers..***


Color of Leklai : BLUE


Special SET on Sale today !!


Natural causes by Sacred Divine Blessing


"This Leklai is original 100% guaranteed that we acquired from hand of master Ajarn Korn ( The Best Leklai Master ) directly . And Ajarn Korn also has mercy to bless this item by spell magic again. So, you can assure that you will get the same genuine piece and strong power!"

This LP tuad Leklai Kaew in natural ready-made form is the most beautiful in the world. And have clearly image whether it eyes, nose, ear and body.

Because of this original Buddha form LP Tuad was occured by the fervent mind praying of Ajarn Korn who has strong mind to invite this Leklai from cave.


Ajarn Korn used the strong mind from his advanced meditation, the peaceful mental, morals and halo merits that he collected. Especially he is the monk who ordained more than 32 rainy season (years). That make him to have high mental power to invite and make condensed of this Leklai and many deities who have merit moral only and became to be this Amulet Buddha in this form by nature and is powerful also.

That make this Leklai in figurative have the clearly and beautiful form which is condensed and became this LP Thuad image that occured by nature totally. Which is not from any block mold, no any garnish. Which is supernatural power, occured by high mental power praying by Ajarn Korn invite. And is form became to be this ready-made from of LP Thuad by miracle!!




MAGIC Leklai Kaew - Glass metal charms Leklai - Bring very good fortune .


Magical extraction processing. Empowered by Monk, Very supernatural powers .***

This Leklai drop cave from invite Leklai ceremony in Ton Tsai cave of Khao Phanom, Krabi Province in the South of Thailand .


Glass metal charms Leklai

are first class liquid based charms that welcomes prestige and are blessed by angels. This type of glass metal charm is often found in caves with cold air. They offer Buddha's grace, prestige, invulnerability, and increased meditation fitting their godly origins.


The glass metal charm LEKLAI  is a type of metal charm that respectfully invites and is protected by higher deities. They are regarded as high class metal charms with very high prestige with grouped elements clear as glass. Most of them are metal charms with owners as a majestic pair, most of which have different colors divided into different castes; each color offering different powers. Most bearers will be those who follow doctrines, religious precepts. Their appearance can't be understood and can break if the bearers did not conduct themselves to prayer. The abilities of glass metal charms encompass the cosmos, protect against ill omens, and increase the prestige of the bearers to enter Buddha's land with Naga's energy. Following an awakening ceremony, these metal charms will be most powerful, since they are psychic elements originating from devas, Nagas, and high deities of Phaya Nagi, who cannot be understood, resulting in the bearers receiving great comfort, luck, and mercy.

This type of metal charm is born from the meditation of virtuous people that wish for them with the aims of preserving religion without the use of forms of sorcery to coerce or steal them, but only rely on their good karma that they have conducted through their past lives and have owned them before. When the time comes, the devas, Nagas, Gandharvas, and giants who take care of these objects will grant visions to let them take these majestic objects into their care, since most of them will be those who follow religious precepts and conducted themselves according to them, so they will have good perceptions and knowledge regarding their own past, so they can become owners of these metal charms, which will either be due to chance, good faith from worship, or the powers of meditation or precognition.

Green glass metal charms are the gems of the mountains, encompassing mercy, might, and prestige of the gods, Brahmin, and angels. They have mysterious abilities that flow as an aura to surround people, protecting the bearers from various dangers. More intense colors equate to exponentially greater powers being transmitted. They are widely worshipped and respected; no matter what one does or says that doesn't exceed their deserved merit, they will achieve their desires.


These psychic elements with abilities are sacred objects with natural abilities without the need to awaken them, but are rare to occur are find as they are composed of elements above elements. These sacred objects are created with the souls, and there are various elemental tribes more than one could understand deep down. Have you ever considered why for the same element, the abilities they display can be different when possessed by a bearer? Sometimes it was understood that metal charms were created from the minerals of metals. When various fissure veins are combined, they become the legend of metal charms. Actually, their primogenitor is just one small thread of glass, which contains the life that gave birth to metal charms. There are also pure elements that serve as the primogenitor of psychic elements, which are often kept secret and hidden. Thus, many people don't know what the elements above elements with souls truly are. Some pieces are created by deities and devas, while some pieces have unknown origins. To observe the substance of the elements, one must use their mind and soul to feel it, and you will find the identities of both the element and yourself, including the spread of the prestige of the element above elements with legends not recorded in any text. ​


Glass metal charms LEKLAI are beautiful and are from nature. It can be said that glass metal charms are metal charms with the most beautiful colors among metal charms, which wouldn't be wrong. What are these psychic elements? These psychic elements are peculiar in that their essence are neither metal nor the color black, but are clear as glass, have different colors, are strikingly beautiful, and are oddly shaped. Nature has created them in their entirety, coinciding with reality. This is one of the attractive features of naturally-shaped metal charms. The metal charms from the Southern fissures of Thailand are a set that were obtained from true invitation, not as metal charms that were obtained by force or intimidation of their protective devas, but were given with love, mercy, benevolence, and sympathy as gifts to build morale for goodness, to believe in the 4 sublime states of mind, and to hold to the Ratanattaya Vandana.

Glass metal charms LEKLAI are born from the angels that protect these psychic elements, who are beautiful, kind, peace-loving, practiced themselves in the alms of giving, helping each other, enjoying listening to sermons, hold to religious precepts along with the words and teachings of the Buddha, holy monks, or those who have conducted themselves to earn the prestige and aura of great hermits, and Brahma, to offer protection. They are a form of metal charm suited for individuals with kindness, friendliness, generosity, are loved by their friends and families, conducted themselves by holding to religious precepts, praying, listening to sermons, regularly give alms, have a cool disposition, always smiling, and giving more than they are taking, since their protective angels will like the aforementioned kind of person, and will help them so that they can receive more happiness.

Glass metal charms Leklai ' abilities lie in the domain of dispelling, avoiding, and averting all negative things away from the bearer. They are metal charms with good prestige in every aspect of the mind and meditation. Glass metal charms help in the practice of Kasin meditation, which is good for enlightenment. They are metal charms with high prestige that share the prestige of luck and glamour, and attract people around them, and are loved and merciful to those that they see.
Regarding worship and protection, since they are metal charms with angelic protection, they should be worshipped with pleasant-smelling and beautiful offerings in addition to the regular metal charm worshipping norms. Examples include flowers and rice offerings. One must also pray as these angels enjoy listening to sermons, prayers, or the words of the Buddha, holy monks, or devoted worshippers.

Regarding the care of the glass metal charms Leklai , they are fragile elements that can shatter from falls or impact. Thus, one must take care to preserve and prevent impacts. They should be separated from other elements since they can be cracked. If those elements are durable, whoever possesses them should take care of them well, since they have something wonderful that is protected by angels as well as Brahma and great hermits that keep protecting those who hold them and make good karma.





The Legendary Luang Phor Thuad

Wat Changhai is situated at Naparu, Koppo District, Pattani, Thailand. It was built over three hundred years ago. It was also the place where Luang Phor Thuad gained Enlightenment.

Luang Phor Thuad (LP Thuad) is a legendary monk of times past. In our generation, he is famous for amulets made in his image which many believe hold great protective powers which have been proven to be effective time and again.

On 24th April 1963 AD (1st day of Chinese 4th Moon), the abbot of Wat Chaiya Mangkalaram, Penang, the Venerable Phra Kru Prasit Chaiya Mongol (Phor Than Daeng) invited the learned monks from Bangkok to Penang to officiate the opening ceremony of the holy image of LP Thuad.

At about 6 pm, Luang Phor Thuad suddenly revealed his presence in the body of a monk, presumely while the monk was in meditation. Impressed, many devotees asked for guidance and advice.

Out of curiosity, one devotee inquired about his life history, Luang Poo Thuad kindly revealed the following details:

He was born in Singora, Thailand. His ancestors had migrated from FuJian Province in China many centuries ago due to the tumultuous situation then in China. They settled down in Singora, Thailand. His parents were also born in Singora, Thailand. His mother was of Chinese origin. His parents were very poor but they were faithful devotees of the Buddha. They stayed in a hut near an old temple, Wat Khokosan and were employed by a rich family as farmers.

Luang Phor Thuat was born at Ban Suan Chan, Chumphol district, Sathing Phra in in Songkhla, Southern Thailand in the year of A.D.1582 (B.E.2125) when his parents had passed their 40s.

When he was less than 6 months old, he was placed in a towel under a shady tree near the padi field while his mother was working. At noon she ceased work for a time in order to breast-feed him. As she walked towards the baby, she saw a huge python curled round him. Alarmed, she called out for help. The neighbours quickly gathered whatever weapons they could and came round.

The python was stern and motionless. The people around did not know what to do. No one dared to initiate an attack. His mother, however, had an idea.

She remembered the ancient belief that this snake might be an avatar of the gods. So she plucked 7 wild flowers of different colours, put them on a leaf, and offering rice cakes,threw herself down at the ground and bowed to the Python. After a while, the Python spit out a crystal ball of manifold colours on the baby's chest and slithered away. His mother kept the gem and brought him home.

A rich man offered a very good price for the crystal ball. LP Thuad's mother did not wish to sell it. The wealthy man then tried to force her to sell it using undue pressure. At last LP Thuad's mother relented in the face of the rich man's pressure.

The rich man was elated, but only for a while. Within three days, all members in his family fell ill. Consulting a medium, he was told that he had kept something which did not rightfully belong to him. Only the baby boy (LP Thuad) could keep it. The rich man became frightened and returned the crystal ball to the baby's mother.

Luang Phor Thuad began to learn about the Buddhist teaching in a temple nearby at the age of 5 years old. Being naturally talented, he mastered all subjects his teacher could guide him within a year. He went to other temples over the hill and across the jungle to acquire further teaching every day. He became a monk at the age of 12 years old and devoted a full time study in the Dharmma. His father passed away at the age of 72 years old when he was 30 years old. In order to further the studies in Buddhism, he left his mother and went to other provinces.

From his present location, Wat Pakok, Singora, Thailand, LP Thuad took a boat bound northwards to Ayuthaya province (a former capital of Thailand). After sailing for half a day, the boat met with great storms. The crew were frightened. The boat did not arrive at its destination after drifting for several days. The supplies of drinking water were running low.

The crew, being superstitious, unfairly blamed their misfortune on the presence of LP Thuad. They planned to throw him overboard into the sea.

Sensing their ill intentions, LP Thuad calmly consoled them that they needed not worry about drinking water as there was plenty around. As he stretched his leg out of the boat, the storm suddenly abated. Using his leg, he drew a circle on the sea and told the boatmen to draw water within it to drink.

The crew was furious! They thought that this monk was trying to pull a fast one on them (that is, they thought he was trying to trick them). After LP Thuad's assurance that the water is actually drinkable, one of them decided to give it a try. He found that the water was indeed fit for consumption! Soon the rest of the crew went to drink the water to verify it for themselves. One curious crew member purposely tasted the water outside the circle and shouted that it was salty. The crew soon abandoned their thoughts of harming LP Thuad.

On the next day, the boat arrived at Ayuthaya province. LP Thuad walked for a few miles and was happy to come across a grand temple. The monks in the temple refused to accept him as he was poorly clad. He then turned to an old temple not very far away. The old keeper welcomed him and offered him board and lodging. He stayed there to study Buddhist scriptures, to pay homage to the Buddha and to practise meditation. He did this for half a year.

The ruler of a neighbouring Buddhist country, the King of Sri Lanka, eyeing the growing wealth and power of the kingdom of Thailand, sent seven monks to Ayuthaya province to test the achievements of the monks in Thailand. They brought with them 12 bowls containing 84,000 words. These words were to be arranged into a certain sutra within 1 week. If the task was accomplished, King of Sri Lanka would present Thailand with 7 boats made of gold. However, should the task be unsuccessful, Thailand would have to surrender its sovereignty to Sri Lanka. The Thai King found it difficult to reject such a challenge as if did so, Thailand would be the laughing stock of the Buddhist world and of the world at large. The Thai King then gathered all his country's well-known learned monks to deal with this problem. Many tried but were unsuccessful.

A Royal Announcement was made to look for someone capable of dealing with the task. On the fourth night, the King dreamed of a white elephant trumpeting in brillant light. He consulted a fortune-teller and was told that it was a fortuitous sign as a sage was likely to appear to solve the problem. The King was, nevertheless, uncertain.

On the sixth day, LP Thuad left the temple in the morning to ask for alms in the form of food. He arrived at a rich man's house. Thai subjects were discussing about the country's current crisis. They saw him holding a bowl standing in front of their doors. The rich host reverently offered him food. He sensed that the monk in front was rather extraordinary in appearance. He paid LP Thuad due respect and told the latter that their country which reputed for their Buddhist studies would be put to shame if no one could meet the challenge put forward by Sri Lanka and asked whether he could help. LP Thuad replied that he would try. The rich host was very happy. He intended to invite LP Thuad to see the King immediately. LP Thuad told him not to be in a hurry and he would go the next morning.

After LP Thuad had left, the rich host delivered the good news to the King. The next morning, a special Royal carriage to bring LP Thuad to the palace.

On arrival he was escorted by officials to the entrance of the royal palace. The steps boomed with loud sound as LP Thuad walked on them barefooted. The King and the officials were all very quiet.

About half an hour later the monks from Sri Lanka came in. After exchanging greetings out of formality, LP Thuad began to arrange the words. 12 bowls of words were poured on the table. He closed his eyes and arranged them with both hands. After about a quarter of an hour, he announced that 5 words were missing.

The 7 Sri Lankan monks remained silent. He then warned that anyone who did not quickly take out those missing words would die a most horrible death with a cracked skull. The culprit was frightened and took out those missing words.

With his eyes closed Luang Phor Thuat exercised his supernormal power to arrange the words. The sutra was completed in a little while. Seeing that Thailand had successfully responded to Sri Lanka's challenge, those 7 monks presented those 7 boats made of gold and left. Thus LP Thuad's name became well-known throughout the country. He was henceforth looked upon as a saintly Buddhist monk in Thai history.

Impressed by LP Thuad's wisdom, the Thai king bestowed upon him the rank and title of "Somdej Phra Rajamuni Samiramagunupamacarya". LP Thuad also later became King Ekadasaroth's (King of Sri Lanka) advisor.

LP Thuad remained in the capital city for a few years until he was informed of his mother's serious illness. He rushed southwards and not long after, his mother died at the age of 78. After the funeral he stayed in Singora, Thailand.

Upon returning home, LP Thuad had found that Wat Pha Khoh in ruins. He then sent a messenger to the Thai King asking if his majesty could help restore the temple. The Thai King was only too glad to help and the temple was soon restored to its former state. The Thai King also bestowed the land surrounding the temple on LP Thuad and the 250 families living around that area.

A state governor from the south by the surname of Phang, a man with a comparatively dark countenance, wanted to build a Buddhist temple. He came to Singora to look for a distinguished monk to head the project. One evening after sunset, he saw an old monk stroll along the seaside, leaving behind a trail of light. He knew that this was the monk to approach. He stepped forward to pay due respect to LP Thuad and told him of his intention to build a temple in Pattani. LP Thuad already knew about the matter through his psychic powers. He consented and went with governor Phang to Pattani. When the construction was completed, the temple was named Wat Changhai. LP Thuad was abbot of this temple till he passed away at the age of 120 years old. (However, some sources say no one really knew when LP Thuad had passed away)

In the later part of his life, LP Thuad dedicated his life to spreading Buddhism. After he has passed away from this life, he manifested in the dreams of his disciples. They then started to make amulets of his image. Even today, many amulets made of his image continue to be produced. Many Thais today can testify to the protective powers of LP Thuad amulets (amulets of the image of LP Thuad)

LP Thuad amulets are (based on my knowledge and research) known for the following powers:
1) Protection from accidents (such as traffic accidents and even natural disasters and so on)
2) Protection from all sorts danger (such as gunfire)
3) Protection from black magic and any form of offensive spells
4) Protection from evil spirits, demons and other hostile malevolent other-wordly entities

Some reported incidents of Amulets of LP Thuad's image:

1) In the beginning of 1963AD, Lokhunpakpaliang in Thailand was hit by typhoon. The resulting floods caused great loss to the population who were mostly fishermen. Houses were swept away, numerous people were wounded, reported missing and lost their lives. Those wearing the images of LP Thuad were apparently safe and sound. This is reputed to be a well-known incident witnessed by many people.

2) A bus on the Singora-Haadyai route fell into a deep chasm due to the very dangerous roads in the mountains. All passengers were unharmed and it was later found that all of them were wearing the images of LP Thuad. The Thai newspapers has published many of such news from time to time. To the faithful, this is proof of the supernormal powers of LP Thuad as well as the greatness of the Buddhist religion.

3) One incident I came across online related that a certain batch of his amulets reportedly protected someone from M-16 gunfire. That batch of LP amulets became known as the "M-16" LP Thuad amulets in amulet circles.

Khata - Prayer



and ask your wish


The meanings of the various colors of glass metal charms LEKLAI


1. Blue caste ... A caste that tells of individuals with power, prestige, respect, and worship. Fitting for a mighty ruler with an intimidating prestige.
Abilities ... To protect them and help in meditation, protection from adders and the ridding of acidic poisons from the body. They have connections with the spirits of the area, forests, and mountains, which are the great Naga or snakes that protect them.

2. The green caste of glass metal charms are the ones that precede their peers in the early ages. Their colors are as beautiful as emeralds.
Abilities: They are good in avoiding dangers along with reducing desires, are protected by Brahma, and are suited for those who are honest, respected, and believed. This is also the color of Indra's physical body as well.

3. The tea color of glass metal charms refer to a color with the ability to suppress emotions and thoughts that are only based on emotions, resulting in the logic of distinguishing good and evil lagging behind and resulting in mistakes. They suit those who lack a source for emotional strength or those whose minds have drifted due to sadness, disappointment, and despair. What makes them special are their unforeseen special ability of luck.

4. Glass metal charms of the cloud colored caste are very hard to find and are not often found, with the smallest number of pieces. Their color indicates the utmost purity. They are classified in the group of protection, tranquility, comfort, relieve panicking emotions, and support a clean and pure mind with powers of thought and emotion. Furthermore, they also refer to the coolness and separation of unsavvy things, as well as luck in matters of love and dispelling poisons in the body.

5.The orange caste has powers of protection from various dangerous weapons, which is a power that encourages courage and doughtiness, so one can act and think in the face of obstacles and move forward fairly without the need to take advantage of others. It is a power that protects and acts against obstacles and bad powers that impact them, such that any opponents that think to obstruct them will eventually lose. They are protected by just deities. This is the color of Phra Siam Tewa Tirach, which is the mighty deity that protects the nation, religion, and the king from dangers and enemies.

6. The light blue caste is for those with good merit and halos that have been built in the past. They are kind, clean, and respected among longtime close friends, speak charismatically, skilled in trade, and have merits nurtured by deities, and can travel anywhere comfortably.

7. The clear white caste is a caste in the protection of practitioners with prestige, hold to precepts, are successful and pray, priests, and ascetics. They speak of a high state of mind along with mercy, gentleness, and aid their wit. They are all-knowing and are ready for the ever-changing status of the world, and know all and see all. It is an element that draws people towards them as well as luck and riches; they are good in trade due to the ability to attract others.

8. The caste of the yellow and honey colors refers to delicateness and majestic appearances that display good standings. Luck will constantly flow in along with success like gold. The brighter the color shine, the greater their luck and properties will only be and shine. It is a shine that intimidates others and lets them worship and respect the majestic qualities like rulers, leaders, and those with might and grace. They will receive help and aid that will help their business move forward swiftly. If their bearers are strongly connected with religion, this will be of great help.

9. The red color is a color of power, austerity, prestige, bravery, doughtiness, fast wits and decision-making processes that get the point. They are respected and intimidating. Those who wish to have the powers of might and prestige as well as to be respected by others can rely on this group of charms to constantly strength the elements within them.



They are invited with the prayers of the sky with hidden dimensions, with lines visible at the great mountains of the Himmapan forest, which is home to Garudas, great hermits, and other worshippers. Their abilities are as various as glass, and can grant all wishes in all aspects of the world. When used in prayer and wishes, the Garudas and great hermits of the Himmapan forest will protect them.


Glass metal charms LEKLAI at the Ton Tsai cave of Khao Phanom, Krabi.





Leklai Kaew Rattanachart ritual invite sacred Leklai by Best Leklai Master Ajarn Korn , Leklai Kaew Rattanachart was Leklai kind invitation.

Have high deity preserve, which was come into a rare species.

The Leklai Kaew is a fairly highest prestige.

Until sacred substance come was like glass elements become to Leklai Kaew Rattanachart.

This Leklai itself causes a cold, damp caves and mountains when these kind of Leklai lived. inasmuch as a result, the peaceful windfall and mercy for who owner. 

For help you success in your business or work, protection home and owner,bring fortune money and wealth,prevent bad thing.

It is made of magic iron ore called “Crystal Metal.” It is believed that the magic “Crystal Metal” is created by angels.


Angles give the magic “Crystal Metal” to earth at request of humans and can give only two “Crystal Metals” each time because they are considered precious and rare things.

Before the “Crystal Metals” are given to humans, many kinds of angels with strong magic power such as hermits, Great King of Naga named Satta Naakhi and Phrom angels, will help recite incantations over the “Crystal Metals.” ( LEKLAI KAEW ) The “Crystal Metals” has supernatural power that when you place it near a compass, the compass's hands will work unusually.



"This Leklai is original 100% guaranteed that we acquired from hand of BEST LEKLAI master directly Ajarn Korn has mercy to bless this item by spell magic again. So, you can assure that you will get the same genuine piece and strong power!"


And of course this kind of Leklai is unique, top of the top and powerful which is reflected the full powers of itself by advent of this Leklai. All the enlarged photos will instead speaking. Only touch with images, you will feel with the powers of this Leklai. You will not disappointed with this Leklai certainly and will pround with this item more than that you see.




Ajarn Korn ( The best Leklai Master of Thailand )


A brief history of Professor Korn of Khao Phanom, Krabi.

In the story of the invitation of metal charms, this concerns Prof. Korn or Prof. Nikorn; real name Mr. Kitikorn Pongwan, original address at Krabi. Father: Mr. Jamras Pongwan. Mother: Sumoltha Pongwan. He has 2 disblings, with Prof Korn being the 3 rd child. Elementary school education at the Ban Nam Huay Kaew School, middle school education at the Ban Tham Kobe School, high school education at the College of Agriculture and Technology, and high vocational certificate education at the Phuket Technical College.

***Prof. Korn's interest in metal charm invitation began from an admiration of Professor Dam, who is Thailand's first skilled metal charm invitation expert.

Professor Dam lives at Khlong Tom in Krabi. One day, he came to conduct a metal charm invitation ceremony at Khao Phanom. Fueled by interest and curiosity, Prof. Korn went to watch his ceremony and became admired, so became an apprentice of Prof. Dam. Prof. Korn also made additional studies about the metal charm invitation with Prof. Kai Lamyoon Kamnak, who is an expert in the mysteries of metal charms of Surat Thani.


He practiced until he gained an expertise in the mind and was able to perform invitations by himself, as he used the great techniques of Professor Dam and Professor Kai Lamyoon Kamnak, making Professor Korn very skilled in metal charm invitations. His metal charms have great might and are respected and worshipped by people all over Thailand.

****Prof. Korn's practice principles are mostly of practicing one's mind, with an emphasis on performing rituals before performing the correct sacrifice for the invitation. This if to appease the angels and other deities. Prayers are then read with a loud voice to invite the psychic elements with might and blessings for the fortune of their worshippers.

He began inviting metal charms at around 1988. People began to know Prof. Korn of Khao Phamon among Thai and foreign people, such as people from America, Japan, England, Malaysia, Singapore, and China. His metal charms are mighty and blessed, and are known through the world.




How to enshrine a Metal Amulet ( LEKLAI ) in your home
(Any kind of Metal Amulet)

To invite a Metal Amulet to enshrine at your home, you first need to offer five lighted incenses to the Metal Amulet. Second, say “Na Mo” for three times.” Finally, say this quote, “Dear the Lord Buddha, Buddhist Doctrine, great moral monks, including noble angels, lower – ranked angels, house's guardian spirits, the lord of jungle, lord of land, lord of mountains, lord of fields, lord of canals, lord of water and together with spirits of deceased ancestors and teachers, my name is………(Say your name)………, today I would like to enshrine the powerful magic Metal Amulet at my house, address …….(Say your house's address)………, as I need its magic power to protect me from dangers, support my business, and bring good lucks. My great respect and faithfulness will always be with you.”


How to worship the Metal Amulet ( LEKLAI )

First, say Na Mo Dtassa Pakawadto Arahadto Sammaa Samputtassa (3 times)

Second, cast the spell of worship “Phut Thoo / Me Naa Thoo / Thammoo Me Naa Thoo / Sangkhoo Me Naa Thoo / Sa Ga Pha Ja / Buuchaa Ja Mahaa Buuchaa / Thaan Phuu Duu Lae Rak Saa / Thaat An Sak Sit / An Song Rit / Aa Nu Phaap Nii / I Sawaa Su / I Ti Pi Soo / Pha Kha Waa / Lek Lai Ja Rern Maa / Ja Rern Ying / Ja Rern Dii / Sing Dii Dii / Thang Laai / Lang Lai Khao Maa Suu Gae Tua Khaa Pha Jao / (Say your first name and last name here) / Samma Sammaa / Sammaa Samma / Na Ma A U / Na Ma Pha Tha / Na Moo Phut Thaa Ya”



LEKLAI KAEW that invited from cave By Ajarn Korn


and also for your valuable collectible thing .


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We are expert collector and trader buddha amulets , antiques , Talismans items from Thailand & Southeast Asia.
We open amulet store in Thailand too.


All of our Amulets are 100 % Satisfaction guarantee and either straight from the temple or from very reliable sources including dealers and collectors
around Thailand with whom we are afilliated.

You can trust that the items are Rare, Sacred, Genuine and beautiful Items.


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