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Lust Man I - NGANG Fertility Buddha Amulet Statue

Product Description




VERY RARE Have only on my store .



The unique & stunnibg image that everyone impress and fall in love with. This amulet is convenient size and easy to carry in diary life. Originated from the Grandfather Thepprasit & Grandfather Theppratarnporn magic subject line, the legendary magic subject that nearly be dissappeared. Moreover, the blessing ceremony and mystical materials were prepared carefully that make this Ngang fully absorbed the magical power of "AngKaChar" perfectly. Very suitable for the believer who want a sexual powerful amulet to response sexual desires.

Moreover, Phra Arjarn KOH also added more special material to make this Ngang which are the oblations in the magic subject line of Grandfather Thepprasit & Grandfather Theppratarnporn consisted of 4 Magic Kuman Thong , Fish wealth , silver and brassTakrut. Therefore, the power of Grandfather Thepprasit & Grandfather Theppratarnporn will remain inside this Ngang to help the owner effectively.



Thai amulet I Ngang Power sex hypnotizing oil Love Potion . Thai occult sorcery Love gambling great wealth windfall fortune Maha Saney powerful .




Are you having problems with your love life?
Unstable marriage?
Hard to be in a long lasting relationship?
Lack intimacy?
Having issues with 3rd party?
Cant seem to attract a desired person whom you truly love?

We have just the right amulet to recommend you!






SIZE : w 3.5 * H 9 cm

Powerful I- Ngang Maha Saney in holy hpnotizing love oil.

Incantation calling soul running into the amulet by following the ancient Lanna spell.

  • I- Ngang was made and blessed 7 Saturdays, 7 Tuesday and empower under moonlight for 53 days to improve amulets power.

    The amulet is believe to be best very strong and powerful for Metta Maha Saney, purely love attraction, mesmerizing. It also granted your wishes, ward away any danger and bad spirits. Keep the amulet beside you at all time to see the miracle and magic it will provide for the owner. Many great feedback from users in granting their wishes.

    This amulet is believe to be good for:
    - Improve your prosperity, accumulate great fortune, wealth and smooth career
    ​- improve Metta , sex appeal and be popular by same and opposite gender
    ​- sweet talking (people tend to listen to you), boost sale confidence and self esteem
    ​- smooth career and increase sales volumes.
    - gambling luck (4D, toto, casino, lottery).

  • Many great feedback from users in terms of their wishes getting granted, now its your chance to be as success as others who already worshipped this very special Phra Ngang.



AJ Koh Samingpay

Made and consecrated by AJ Koh Samingpay (Uttaradit Province). AC Koh is a highly knowledgeable Phor Mor (Sorcerer) in Thailand who specialize in making hardcore and powerful "Barang" amulets. AJ Kho is highly recognized in Thailand, Hong Kong and Taiwan for his barang items and are highly sought after in the amulet market.



NGANG Holy sex Amulet LUCKY LOVE & SEX APPEAL ATTRACTION REAL AMULET THAI ANTIQUE PENDANT. ::Phra Ngung is the amulet for boosting sex appeal power.It's power can help the owner do any mysterious things.Just think in your mind for the one you like or love and hold this amulet in your hand. Also it has power of Good luck attraction.

Thai people believe that the image of Ngang Buddha is extremely powerful in making the owner attractive to anyone they want to close with.
It also keeps away bad or evil spirits.

Keep it with you for Love & Good Luck Attraction Power or keep it in your house .

This is a fabulous collector's item indeed! This Ngang Amulet will bring you Good Luck, Good things will unexpectedly happen to you.It also make you success in anything you hope for.

This Amulet will bring Prosperity and ensure success in human endeavors. ::This is a love magic Holy Spirit Multi Love magic Man&Lady called"i-Ngung". this amulet shows a multi arm sitting figure with her legs spread and back Women called 'E-Per '

This amulet to help asist in attracting the opposit Love magic and ensure fertility in a partner good for Lucky and bad piritual.


Khata Bucha Pra Ngang


Kata Ngang Dta Daeng

Om Taewadaa um Som Chom Dtua Kar Dood Soop – Glin Gaay Kar Hlong Rak Kar Piang Kon Diaw.


Kata Bucha Pra Ngang

Om Laluay Mahaa Laluay Laluay Hnaa Laluay hlang Laluay Tang In Prohm Yommaraat Aaagas Taepayudaa Laluay Tang Pra Mae Kongkaa Ma Chuay Kam Koo Soo Ongk Sappa Sitti Sawaaha Om Laluay Mahaa Laluay Laluay Tang Jidt Laluay Tang Jai Gu Ja Sek Sai Nuad Hai Saw Len Ma Haa Gu Nuea Gu Ja Sek Sai Nam Man Ngaa Hai Saw Praya Len Ma Su Gu Nuea Saw Yoo Midai Rong Hai Maa Haa Gu Om Sawaa Home Dtid Om Laluay Mahaa Laluay Gu Jag Laluay Ao Khao Prasumen Gor Uay Hnaa Top Gor Uay Hnaa Tao Gu Ja Aa Bpaag Gor Uay Khan Nang Gor Yom Peung Jai Om Sawaa Home Dtid


How to Worship the Pra Ngang Deity

Once you have recieved your Ngang statue or amulet, you must find a place for him to reside in within your home. But do not raise him up on the ‘Hing Pra’ (a high small altar on the wall used in Thailand for Buddha images) or the Bucha table (altar). You can make a small altar on a lower position and slightly away from the Buddha. He can also be given the drawer for ladies underwear in the bedroom to live in, because he likes it. One common practice is to take the underwear of a Lady which has been worn and not washed, and use it to wrap him in them as a blanket or covering. You must give him fresh water every day in a glass, and when you change the water, do not fill the half full cup mixing it with the old water. You must take the used water and thorw it in front of the house, and then wash the glass or goblet and only then refill it with fresh water. It must be pure water (meaning that no one must have touched it before, or drank from that container). It is perhaps advisable to have fresh mineral water in his own personal bottle which you can use for him and nobody else. Offer him in the evenings befor sleeping, but you must also bathe and clean your body first.




Offer the Ngang fruits or sweets and cakes is a fine offering for the Ngang. On Buddhist Holy days, you must arrange 5 sticks of incense, One pair of white candles, flowers and ‘Krueang Sen’ (traditional offerings) and offer them to the Ngang.Any kind of flower is fine except for Lotus flower, which is forbidden to offer to the Pra Ngang. if you are poor and cant afford to give foods, then simply offer the glass of water. You must not leave him without water. Water cannot be overlooked. For a more complete offering, 5 sets of betel and areca nut for chewing and two cigarettes is traditional. If you are in Malaysia or Singapore, you can get Betel nut and areca from the Indian or Tamil Hindu stores to offer the Ngang.

Taking the Ngang amulet with you

It is forbidden to wear the Ngang around your neck like a Buddha amulet. It can be carried in your trouser pocket. When you are going to look for Ladies, or to get someone to help you, you must carry the Ngang in your front trouser pocket. If it is in the back pocket, you will fail to seduce the Lady, because they are facing the opposite ways. If you are trying to escape somebody, or are in danger, then you must carry the Ngang in your pocket. The Ngang will keep you safe from harms way.
When you are going to have sex with a woman, you must let the Ngang go first. You do this by rubbing against the ladies private parts with the Ngang in your trousers until she is excited, and some of her fluids or aromas can rub against the Ngang’s body. Once you have done this, then you can have your way with her. This is his reward for allowing you to seduce her to the point where she will let you approach.

Further Info
The Pra Ngang is a very mysterious and elusive legend which spreads out into various appearances and uses, differing from region to region and varying Bucha Methods depending on the Makers rules or the beliefs of that particular regional culture. It is believed that the Pra Ngang is an ancient Wichja from the Khmer Kingdom.

The Pra Ngang classic image often seen with the Crown on the head is actually not a Ngang, (or at least was originally not used for Ngang, but then became mixed up with the Ngang and eventually used in the same way. This particular Deity is actually an Ayuttaya periodic style Buddha image of a Buddha meditating in the forest.

Some people believe that the Pra Ngang is actually a real creature, useful for improving your fate, Karma and destiny, and to ward off evil, which has great Maha sanaeh power too. This particular school of thought believes that it is not good to keep the Ngang in your house, because it will cause a lot of arguments and strife in the Family household (because of woman problems).

When asked about this. Spencer littlewood says that he believes that there are various different entities which have all been classified as a Ngang. Some are entities which can live in the house, and others are not. Some practitoners and devotees of the Ngang will urinate on their amulet in the belief that it increases its power of attraction and seduction. it is said that the Ngang likes menstruation fluid, and that you should not be surprised if your amulet disappears often in the house, and then it turns up again inside some underwear or clothes which have been worn by a lady. Many stories of this happening have been heard, so be prepared for this if it does.

Pra NGang, 'Ai Ngang', 'Por Ngang' or 'Mae Ngang' are all different names for the Ngang Deity, which has is known for its mysterious power to attract lovers and increase riches, and in addition assist in avoiding all dangers. A Cult amulet with a Cult following of Devotees. Popular with Gamblers too.




Performance Abillity of Amulet: Life protection,Good trade,Good metta ,Wealth, Prevent Dark Magic and Evil Spirits,
Danger Obstacle cease,Charms / Attraction in LOVE& SEX ,Give merciful,without poor, Triumphantly,
Loving Kindness, Harm proof, Avoid from danger,Change Bad Luck to Good Luck, Win Gambling , Wishes be Fulfilled,
Get Healthy Live Better And Be Happy. 

and also for your valuable collectible thing .


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We are expert collector and trader buddha amulets , antiques , Talismans items from Thailand & Southeast Asia.
We open amulet store in Thailand too.


All of our Amulets are 100 % Satisfaction guarantee and either straight from the temple or from very reliable sources including dealers and collectors
around Thailand with whom we are afilliated.

You can trust that the items are Rare, Sacred, Genuine and beautiful Items.


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