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Khmer Kuman thong Ghost


witchcraft, voodoo, sorcery


Product Description


Thai Amulet Talisman Big Head Kuman Thong Ghost Baby Doll Black Magic Voodoo

Genuine Voodoo Doll Baby Ghost Guman Kuman thong gumanthong kumanthong Thai Khmer Top Magic Wealth Lucky Amulet

Baby Ghost SPIRIT will help you success your wish.

Black Magic Voodoo Talisman
Powerful Holy Magic Thai Amulet Statue



Kuman Thong Baby Ghost & Nang Kwak Yantra Lady Cloth talisman
Thai Buddha Amulet Lucky

Thai Amulet Holy Kumanthong Ghost Baby Doll Black Magic Voodoo Talisman


Voodoo Doll Baby Ghost GumanThong Kumanthong Thai Buddha Amulet


SIZE : width 2.5" long *4.5" inches

RARE Voodoo Doll Baby Ghost GumanThong Kumanthong



Material : seven graveyards mixed with mysterious herb called “Warngoomarnthong” and ashes of dead infant's bodies .

black magic and Rare with Powerful Magical amulet .


consecrate by top Khmer sorcerer shaman ( KRUBA DET )


Proof of Strength of the "Ghost Lineage” Auspicious Object

Outstanding "perfect" for both fortune and love


When people hear about "Ghost Lineage Auspicious Object” , most of them are afraid, thinking that there is a ghost involved, but superstition guru has explained that the Ghost Lineage Auspicious Object is one with the soul of a ghost dwelling in it. Such ghost is going to be released from the state of ghost to become a " deva " soon .

Spirits could be divided into two parties, the good and the evil. If it is a good spirit, it will like to help people in different forms. Sometimes it give someone fortune, or help to have a good love, or protect from the intrusion of evil things. If a spirit makes great virtues, the opportunity to become a " deva " is within reach. However, if the spirit is evil, it will make us meet bad things, having the endless disaster.



As for creating an auspicious object, where there are both master monks and layman masters, “good spirit” is often installed into such auspicious object. The result that we are often seen is to grant things as one wish quickly and repeatedly. If your wish is to win a lottery, you will win continuously. If your wish is love, your separated lover will return to you quickly (in the case of the dissolution or separation of each other). Such matter like this, "Buddhist Lineage" auspicious object can never grant you.


Kruba Dej Kittiyano, the abbey of Ban Mai Ratanakosin Cemetery, Mae Moh, Lampang, I believe that the disciples will know him well, because his of your auspicious object "almost all items" that he have created is in the group of "Ghost Lineage” auspicious object. Some call it “Mystery Lineage" which has the same meaning. Kruba Dej said "the object that I created it, if not strong enough I do not create”, because he understand that people who worship these objects must want their wish come true , such as wanting to be satisfied in love. When they worship his auspicious objects, they must be satisfied in love, love which is long-lasting, not superficial love like love today and tomorrow break up. Kruba Dej's auspicious objects absolutely never harm their users.



We are proud to present "the ultimate" love-and- charm auspicious objects of the year. If you have any problems in your love life, not satisfied in love or lack of charm, want to be attractive for the opposite sex, do not wait to worship them: “Mysterious Charm Oil”, “Man-and-woman Love Bind Dummy”, Khmer Amulet, Golden Boy. All are consecrated by Kruba Dej Kittiyano, the abbey of Ban Mai Ratanakosin Cemetery, Mae Moh, Lampang .

Kruba Dej Kittiyano, as his disciples call “Magical Kruba or Ghost-frightened Kruba” , the abbey of Ban Mai Ratanakosin Cemetery, he has lived mostly in the cemetery alone, the place cannot dwell if you have not enough magical power. There were many monks who asked to live with him, but no one could stay over 3 nights because this cemetery was very haunted, even among the villagers there were no ones dare to enter this cemetery at night or drive by it because they met many mysteries. Every night, he will sit for meditation in the ancient site of burnout pyre in the village, where even nowadays it is stilled used for cremation. Kruba Dej will focus on the burning body to train his spirit as a routine in peaceful night to meditate. He keeps his practice so that his spiritual power is very strong. Many disciples who visited him were surprised that Kruba know their matters and said first although they never told him and never know him before. This is the spiritual power of the Kruba that he can read people's minds. He also knows many schools of magic: Burmese, Lanna, Tai Yai, even those of India and Nepal he also knows well. Especially charm magic and black magic are his great techniques. He knows which body has very strong spiritual force, and he will collect that ash powder as a substance to create auspicious objects. Therefore, auspicious objects that he created in each version will contain ghost powder which is magical and well-experienced. You can command and use it as you wish.




Kruba DET



*** General Katha for all kumanthong
light 5 incense sticks , offering food to kuamnthong every Buddha day and simply chant
Namo tassa pa ka watoh r ra ha toh samma samput thus sa for 3 times

**Special Tips in Worshiping Kuman Tong

You should offer him with sweet drink and boiled eggs because they will make Kuman Tong more powerful. Their shelves must be lower than the shelf that you put the image of Buddha. If you want to take them with you, you should bring some food in your bag and tell your Kuman Tong that this food would be their prize if they help bringing you good luck and miracle.

If you do not have much time to worship Kuman Tong everyday, you can put some money on their shelves and tell them that they could use this money to buy food or sweet. You should be careful not to use the money you have already given to Kuman Tong but you can distribute this money to make them merit, and they will be full without consuming anything. The most important thing is that the owners of Kuman Tong have to be virtue, they should meditate too to make their Kuman Tong more powerful.

The Way to Worship Kuman Tong.....

We can worship Kuman Tong by offering him with rice, boiled egg, sweet drink, candy, and toys. Besides to make Kuman Tong more powerful, we should make a vow. For example, you should pray that if you win the lottery, you will offer Kuman Tong gold necklace, or buy him toys, or feed him with sweet. This action will persuade Kuman Tong to exercise his power. Yet, if you do not have time to do all these, you can only invite Kuman Tong that he could go everywhere you go or eat anything in the house without your permission.

If you worship Kuman Tong with food, you have to do these as your routine. You may offer them food on every the Buddhist Days of Worship only and you have to tell your Kuman Tong that you will bring them food on this or that way. Because they are sacred spirit and hold to the truth, you have to be punctual in offering them your worship. You should offer them food in the mornings and take it away in the evenings.

Yet, other offering such as accessories like rings or necklaces, and toys can be given to him permanently. You should be careful not to neglect offering Kuman Tong your worship. If you are not convenient in doing so, you would better tell them that: "You can go everywhere I go and eat everything I eat."

Because if you ignore your Kuman Tong, they will finally ignore your order and run away from you too. Moreover if the spirit inside the statue of Kuman Tong comes from the grave, he will as well bring destructiveness to his owner, if you ignore him. He will become an evil spirit haunting his owner, driving you crazy, and you will no longer be happy. Therefore you should think carefully before taking Kuman Tong to live with you

Three Methods of Creating and Three Kinds of Spirits There are three ways of creating Kuman Tong.

1. Some masters create Kuman Tong by using soil from seven graves and combining with "Prai Kuman Dust", which is soft dust of children's bone ash. Kuman Tong in this category will be fierce and extremely powerful. He can inspire both good

and bad things. The spirits inhibiting inside this Kuman Tong usually come from the graves or it might be a child spirit in the bone ash. This kind of Kuman Tong requires good attention and worship. The spirits inside the statue of Kuman Tong can also grow up like ordinary children.

2. Kuman Tong can be created by using ordinary soil or wood and inviting the good spirit of angel to inhibit inside the statue. Kuman Tong in this kind does not always show off his power as the first one because the angel spirits do not need ordinary food to grow up. The masters usually recite an incantation over this kind of Kuman Tong with other talismans such as a famous Kuman Tong from Laung Por Pull, Wat Pai Lom Temple.

3. Kuman Tong can also be created by using wood from withered trees, especially, from withered Ruk son and star gooseberry trees, because people thinks that the withered wood is sacred in itself, so there is no need to recite any incantation over. Using the withered wood, people believe that; will make Kuman Tong more powerful and sacred. The masters put a spell on it to create a spirit inside the statue. Therefore, the spirits inside this kind of Kuman Tong do not come from the graves or heaven but they are created by the power of the masters' spell. This kind of spirits can be called "Prai". They will not grow up and always appear as children's spirits. The owners of this Kuman Tong may or may not worship him with food because "Prai" in this Kuman Tong will not know how to hurt anyone. Yet, if they ignore Kuman Tong completely, the power inside the statue will gradually disappear. On the other hand, if the owners take good care of their talismans, Kuman Tong's power will increase and he can more effectively bring the owners good luck.

These three kinds of spirits inside the statues of Kuman Tong come from difference places, the first ones are the wandering spirit, the second ones are from heaven, and the last ones come from the power of the masters' spell. These three kinds of spirits make Kuman Tong in each school appear in different characteristics. Kuman Tong with the spirits of the graves have the strongest power, while the second ones are sacred but do not always show off their power, and the third ones sometimes appear to people's eyes but do not have very strong power

1. Guman Thong with Khun Paen
Na-mo-tas-sa Pa-ka-wa-to Ar-ra-ha-to Sum-ma-sum-put-ta-sa (3 times)
Gu-ma-ro-mar-ma Ae-he-jit-tung Pi-yung-ma-ma
Aohm Farfeen Jarernsri Sreegu ngarm mearn khunpan
Khangu ngarm mearn Khanphra Narai
Guygu ngarm mearn Guyphra Phrom
Khongu ngarm mearn Khonnok Garnarm
Na Rumrai rukkrai hennar Mo Laruaychuayparmar
Putt Tarmaha Tha Rongtuk Ya Kwakmer Nagarohothi
Jongmarbunggerd pen Na Metta Seengai Khaidee Meegumrai
Seengai Khaikrong MeeNgern MeeTong Leergin LeerChai Sadhu.

2. Guman Thong (Offering)
Ma ma ba ri pu cha chan-du ja ma ha poo ta a-kun chai ya a-kun chami ae-himama mama

3. Guman Thong (Removing Food) -
Uga sa Uga sa, Phra wan dtu may

4. Guman Thong (Wish)
Kud cha ma ha poo to Samanudsaso sataewago karohi pito wadjanaena sumpunnaena prasittiya

5. Guman Thong (Charm)
Ma ta ya ta ni yung put tung a yu sa ae ka put ta ma nu ruk kae a wum pi sup pa poo tae ma na sum pa wa yer pa ri ma nung

6. Guman Thong (Attract Opposite Sex)
Pi yo tae wa ma nud sa nung pi yo prom ma nu mut ta mo pi yo na ka su pun na nung pi nin si yung na ma mi hung



" Kuman Thong " Talisman of good luck and wealth.

Kuman Thong (Thai: กุมารทอง) is an effigy, or statue which is revered in Thailand by animists. They are believed to bring luck and fortune to the owner, if properly revered. Kuman, or Kumara (Pali) means “young boy” (female kumari); thong means golden. Kuman thong is not a Buddhist practice, but necromancy. Genuine Kuman Thong, which was revered and created in ancient times according to traditional method by Adept practitioners of Saiyasart, was made by surgically removing the unborn fetus from the womb of its Mother. The body of the child would then be taken to a cemetery for the conduction of the ceremony to invoke a Kuman Thong. The body is roasted until dry whilst the Mage chants incantations of magical kata. In the case of making a female spirit child, the effigy is not called Kuman Tong, rather “Hong Pray”.

Some Kuman effigies will be soaked in Nam Man Prai,[1] which has extract of a dead child or a person who died in violent circumstances or an unnatural death. This is much less common now, because this practice is now illegal if using fat from human babies for the consecrating oil. There are however still some authentically made amulets appearing. Some years ago a famous monk was thrown out of the Buddhistsangha for roasting a baby. He was convicted, but later continued to make magic as a layperson after his release. The practice of creating Necromantic effigies of a Kuman Tong comes from age old tradition in Thailand. Thai folk have made Bucha to Animistic spirits and ghosts since time immemorial. The original Kuman Tong came from children who died whilst still in their mothers womb. The Magic makers would take these stillborn babies and adopt them as their children. From what information has been gathered from ancient Thai manuscripts about how to make a Kuman Tong, it appears that the correct method is to remove the dead baby surgically from the mothers womb, and take it to undergo the proper ceremonial ritual; The baby must be roasted until dry. This must be completed before dawn, and should be performed in a cemetery. Once the rite is completed, the dry-roasted Kuman should be painted with Ya Lak (a kind of lacquer used to cover amulets and Takrut with gold leaf, and covered in gold leaf. This is the real reason why this effigy received the name of “Kuman Thong” (which means “Golden Baby Boy”).





GOT directly from sorcerer


Performance Abillity of Amulet: Life protection,Good trade,Good metta ,Wealth, Prevent Dark Magic and Evil Spirits,
Danger Obstacle cease,Charms / Attraction in LOVE& SEX ,Give merciful,without poor, Triumphantly,
Loving Kindness, Harm proof, Avoid from danger,Change Bad Luck to Good Luck, Win Gambling , Wishes be Fulfilled,
Get Healthy Live Better And Be Happy. 

and also for your valuable collectible thing .


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We are expert collector and trader buddha amulets , antiques , Talismans items from Thailand & Southeast Asia.
We open amulet store in Thailand too.


All of our Amulets are 100 % Satisfaction guarantee and either straight from the temple or from very reliable sources including dealers and collectors
around Thailand with whom we are afilliated.

You can trust that the items are Rare, Sacred, Genuine and beautiful Items.


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