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Amulet – Popular Items for Protection from Harm and Danger

Amulet – Popular Items for Protection from Harm and Danger

Although we are now in the twenty-first century and have passed a glorious phase of civilization with all its colors and events, there are still some issues, which are not old enough to get withered out from our society and Amulet is one such important subject in the contemporary society, as well. This is an object and there are people, who believe it is having the extraordinary characteristic of power that can protect the owner of this object from any kind of harm, danger or negative power. In this context, it can be noted that there some distinct differences between the Amulets, pendants and talismans; each of them have their own characteristics and importance in the life of the concerned person.

While the talismans are being used for bringing good luck or some other kinds of benefits for the users, the pendant is normally used for the charms that are hanging from the necklace and also a good object that has the potential of enhancing the beauty and style quotient of the person to a great extent. On the other hand, the amulets are used with an aspiration to get protected from any kind of harm or danger, which is nothing but the age-old belief of the person, even in some of the modern societies.

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From ancient time, when the civilizations were growing up in various parts of this earth; there were lots of beliefs and customs, those have immense importance and impact on the social life, which is still having their presence in many countries and societies in this contemporary world. The use of amulets can be seen in the developing or third world countries, mainly in the Asian, African and Latin American countries, they are having a presence in the much developed European and the North American States, as well, which proves the popularity of these elements or items in the people’s mind.

There are different nature of amulets, made from different material and with diverse concepts, which varies from region to region e.g. the amulets from the Southeast Asian region are completely different from the African or south American region; not only in looks but in the conceptual form also.

An Amulet is prepared in various styles, using different kinds of material or objects, such as; gems, coins, drawings, statues, pendants, plants, rings and also some words are being engraved in the unique form of magical spell or invocation, ascribe to repel the evil, bad luck or danger. There are some distinguished modes of amulets, developed and used in different social arenas, which are quite different in their looks and also in practices, such as; Roman, China, Japan, Thailand, Indonesia, Abrahamic religions and Judaism.

Thai Features

 In the world of amulets, the Thailand amulet is having an important and distinctly different presence with their unique and incomparable features and qualities. Being predominantly a Buddhist country; the specialized types of amulets, those are being produced and used in the region, are quite different from other countries. Some of the most popular and widely used Thai amulets are; Authentic  and Sacred Thai Buddhist Amulets – Ancient and Modern, Love & Happiness, Luck,Thai Buddhist & Magical amulets for Riches, Health etc. and also Amulets, prepared by Thailand’s very own and great ‘Gaeji Ajarn’ Guru Master Monks, Necromancers, Lay Masters, and Hermit Sorcerors.


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Amulet is still having their important presence in the modern societies and used by a good section of people worldwide, who are especially fond Thailand amulet to have the protection, as well as, for good fortune.