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Buddha Statues - Critical Tips - To Choose the Right Ones

Buddha Statues - Critical Tips - To Choose the Right Ones

1. Know why you will need to purchase Buddha statues.

It can help you to find the right one amongst the hundreds of different types of Buddha statues. A lot more than listening to other people or some other belief you ought to listen to your soul. Basic reason to buy Buddha is to simply help yourself get your inner peace. Worshiping Buddha statues may help us remember, comprehend and exercise Buddha's teachings. Finally by breaking out of endless series of life after death, their state of Nirvana can be performed by doing Buddhism with the aid of Vipassana meditation.

It depends on your choice of taking the road to achieving everything you desire. If you intend to experience a delight of life, happy Buddha or laughing Buddha might be the correct one. If you want to tame the mind with meditation approaches, you may want to buy meditating statues. If nevertheless, you only love and wish to recognize the artwork, they could serve as the correct atmosphere to your living room.

Trying to find an answer that can help you much to find the appropriate one ultimately.

2. Know how to distinguish the statues from religious statues.

The Hindu Deities look much like Buddha statues but you can find many differences when it comes to their meaning. Also, there are lots of ways to acknowledge Buddhist statues. One of the best ways is to check body positions and another other option is to check hand gestures. Hands on the lap mean a meditating Buddha statue. The Right hand touching the planet earth represents the Shakyamuni Buddha, the enlightened one.

3. Know where you purchase it from.

You must be cautious to purchase Buddha statues. Before you make a decision to buy, you have to know where in fact the Buddha statue is made from. To guarantee the genuine statue, one should avoid the replica of original art. Please be informed that the genuine artisans who make these statues are originally from Nepal. From Nepal the art of making the statues was exported to Tibet, where it gained more popularity. You might say statues are from Tibet nonetheless the root to making came from Nepal. Newar artisans, who are Shakya Artisans to be exact are the first masters from where the art has been descended for generations.

4. Quality by observing face painting.

Face is the single most important factor to look for while buying amulets. The finer the face painting of the Buddha, the better the quality of the statue. If you decide on to buy golden Buddha, the face is primarily painted with 24 k gold by specialist artist. Together with that fine outlining of eyes, nose and tika is done. The face should portray compassion, considering that it ought to invoke respect for Buddha in us naturally.

5. Never forget to go through the ears.

Check always the long ears which means the true creativity behind. Honest Buddha statues must have long ears.

6. Make sure you also the carvings on the Buddha body

Carvings on the body of the statue speak more about the quality of the Buddha. Top quality statues have good carvings which can be the creation of professional artists. Professional artists are located in Patan, Nepal.


There are many benefits you can get from Buddha statues but only if you buy the right one. You must decide what kind of Buddha statues are best for you. And you must remember that there are different types of amulets all over the market. You can also ask the seller to bless the Buddha statue by a Monk in the Buddhist Monastery before you pay for it.


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