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** PANNENG CHIN ATHAN Prai Forehead Ghost Bone Skull Piece with Spirit and Spell Inscription high effective top amulet ***


Hardcore chin aathan ghost amulet with many sacred masses such as nmp coffin nail takruts sacred earth soils pong prai stuffed with a plentiful of other powerful occult ingredients powders and Lanna katha spell inscription .

Due to the nature of ingredients utilized, the amount of spiritual energy exhibited is immense and suitable for those looking for the highest levels of hardcore barangs

PANNENG- which ensures that it contains the third eye region and constitutes one of the most powerful occult items from Thailand.

The amulet also offers the usual attributes for these high occult talismans - strong Maha Saneah and protection.

This is a Supremely Rare complete piece of Magically Active Pan Neng Necromantic Ghost Bone relic (Chin Aathan) pieces,

Panneng will ground into powder and mixed with other holy ingredients to form a "sacred dough" that was insert inside of amulet.



--------way to worship this panneng--------------

1. You should lighten 5 incense sticks to ask permit to take Panneng into your home from the guardian spirit .
2. Lighten 1 incense stick to call spirit in Panneng to take the offering. You can offer food, alcohol and drinking to the spirit.

** offerings to ghost amulet ~ chin aathan just like other prai or kumanthing with 1 incense stick ( for kumanthong using 5 incense sticks )

3. There is no incantation to worship this Panneng, you just wear it.
4. You can worship in your free time or every Buddist Day that you can check in Billionmore website.

The Chin Aathan is a Prime Piece and an extremely rare Authentic Ritual Item of True Khmer Sorcery. A real piece of Necromantic Wizardry with the Immense Power of Khom Prai Spirit Magic.

This Buddhist method of inviting Prai Spirits to assist leaves the User without any karmic disadvantages from using the amulet. To get your wishes, you can direct your mind's focus towards the Prai Ghost within the Chin Aathan, and ask it to fulfill your wishes.

Panneng Hong Prai is able to bestow superior wealth attraction, extreme charm and influence positive elements of luck in gambling and career.
magical effects:
windfall luck in gamble and lottery,ToTo,4D.
maha sanaeh, donjidt donjai ; extremely effective for both social and professional success and popularity,
improving one love life and increasing lovers and admireres
suitable for sales person, market stall holders, shop keepers, increasing your advantage in trade business.

"Believed the Pan-Neng can help Many heartbroken people to bring soulmate come to find them. it will suppose to help the people get their soulmate or lover back with powerful largely effective. in most cases, this Pan-Neng power love will great work for men lady and third sexual use. Many my customer were actually successful in seeking and attracting their soulmate to they life. and they alway followed the advice to worship this amulet.

This Pieces Panneng talismans have an ancient origin in Thailand, They came from Thailand's necromantic past and have survived and been adapted by the arrival of Buddhism to flourish to this day. Chin Athan means a piece that is supernatural in nature.

You can feel these items envelop you in their energy and are very effective tools in life.

This is for attraction and wealth and is a good piece.