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Naga Eyes

Naga Eyes

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Powerful Lucky Gems Naga Eye Crystal Real Thai Amulet

This is Big FAMOUS GemS stone NAGA EYE AMULET , this is a Real NAGA EYE Gem Stone. It is noblest and elegance item. it is very beautiful and item is more bright that the picture. These stones will look superb and chance to addition to any gem collection or for make jewellery . This items occurs in bands of Nice colours NAGA EYE Stone, and very smooth edge and top, and oval flat back with nice sparkle. NAGA EYE is a nature stone and is one of the gem stones that used in temple for made an amulet. Naga eye is found in many river floor bottom, but the most prized Naga eye are in deep caves of the 'Mekhong river' which passThailand, Burma, and Laos. It is very rare, high quality, value Buddha and very excellent item for your collection.In Thailand some people to have faith in this Naga stone can bring lucky for owner. It is the best items for amulet collecter. Because you will having good health and have a mystical powers, the gem stone is believed to banish fear or evil, depression, reduce fever and is believed to be excellent for eyes or vision.

  In Thailand some people to have faith in this Naga stone can bring lucky for owner. It is the best items for amulet collector. Because you will having good health and have a mystical powers, the gem stone is believed to banish fear or evil, depression, reduce fever and is believed to be excellent for eyes or vision.

The discovery place were Gemstone of NAGA EYE BUDDHA AMULET often found in the caves in the deep forest such as cave in the northeast sector of Khon Kaen province or cave in Phu Phan mountains at Sakon Nakhon Province believed was a place of mystery as the serpent and city bowels of the holy cave. The features of diamond serpent that resembles a pebble with in the vitreous, a flat surface, round spell shape have high strength difficult to cut. There are several small multicolored, each color will have features for possession of difference believed that “Diamond Serpent” is the holy relics which are the thousands or thousands of years and had protected by serpent or hermit and also had calling name many names; Diamond Serpent, Diamond Nagar, Srinagar Glass Gem, Nagar Gem, etc.

For Searching “Diamond Serpent or Naga Eye” which is the property of the serpent. Only the person who has merit can be discovered and get it to worship because these things will stay with the philanthropist and the person who has moral only. And even knew the diamond serpent in anywhere, but if entering to get without the deity who took care was not allow, the deity will destine the intruders occurred to lose. Once a time, would have been the villagers to carry the stone serpent down, but can’t take. Because serpent closed the cave or found python likes big room thwarted the cave. At this time the news of “Diamond Serpent” release, why the properties of a diamond serpent Wang Bowels out. Because the grandfather serpent would like to create the temple donation with philanthropy and allow to give them out. The person who get diamond serpent from merit will have to pray for the virtue. The serpent in each rock mass has a diamond serpent seed and the color of each diamond will depend on what the mental prayer itself. It’s too strange that it will come out as a color is.

Two methods make the Cover stone’s Naga Eye 1) Calcareous ash and other then made to the old brought it into the cave for a long time then the rods will break very hard.

2) Clay took to the fire and water in the cave for a long time when pounds are fragile and thin peel.
For the genuine is layered sandstone, each piece as diverse; when the pounds are powder gradient to Naga Eye, as for the sandstone is reddish brown which the simulation method is quite difficult.
Sometimes the fake one that bring the geniuses’ cover stone put the fake of Naga Eye by cutting or drilling the original out and put the fake instead which we observed are mark connected or plug; if the pounds can be seen more clearly. 

For the people who own the diamond serpent, they must have omen to tell who have circular life related with the bowels before. Diamond Serpent has totally 9 colors and most of them will ferrule to protect humanitarian fortune. Because every diamond serpent seed has angel to protect. The properties of serpent were seen as round or oval. From the word of “Phaya grandfather Sudtothana Serpent King”, the true diamonds of these are scale off, and then use the soil and sand prevented the mantle failing to the floor. A thousands years ago, those mantles had become a rock and within a rock turn into a pebble. The color of diamond serpent was red, green, pink, blue, indigo, navy blue, yellow, white and purple.


Each color will have a different powerful and power meaning.


White Color:-- Occurred from the serpent make painstaking with long practice mental concentration.
- Are relatively pure and clean.
- Have a powerful effect concentration but hardly in mercy.
- Who has possessed to enhance the power of concentration?
- Have mental concentration, peace and stability constituted the intelligence signal, respectively.
- Have to progress in the fair, called the pure fair power and results in mercy both himself and others.
- Attractive people around himself very well, who has been close feel comfortable.
- Occupant to be a reasonable fair practice and must to create a reasonable merit with a generous sacrifice.


Red Color:-- This color is the color of powerful. Have reverence power for those who meet.
- Used for building purposeful, created the courage encouragement.
- Have more formidable confidence caused self-confident and assertive thinking.
- Because red color is the color of serpent king of head-leader class likes the leader of military government. Likes a knight to protect the bowels, would have the extremely powerful.
- So, it’s suitable for the person who fond the power of contemplation meditation.
- For the leadership, will help to promote dignified splendor but that person must be a moral in mind because also effect for protected escape, help and secure from the dangers; are not taken in any wrong way.


Pink Color:-
- Most of the occurrence was from the female serpent king.
- Suitable for female because it can attractive to the opposite sex. Due to have the great power in the mercy popularity.
- Build the unique dignified splendor for those who meet.
- Attractive others. Have a good fortune, reputation, honor and wealth. Even if, it’s the dark pink. If it’s quite rare, will attractive for anyone who love will be passionate and anyone who meet will be desired because it has drawing power in the various good ways.
- Suitable for the people who want a dignified distinction and attractive charm from someone else.


Purple Color:-- This color has a power in the way of appeal money and friendship.
- Help to create the deeply fascination and desirable. To be a lover of people.
- Someone misunderstand that purple color is the color of widow. So, they didn’t want. But the fact is the color of acceptable for all parties, build the friendship and thoughtful for everybody who meet and talk in the good ways.
- Who is the owner will happy in mind, fresh and peace.
- Help to prevent from demon and black magic.


Yellow Color:-
- Ranging color from light yellow until yellow like Topaz or Amber.
- Is the attractive color, bring a good fortune and luck as well as the power from the dark of color. Dark yellow is for mercy popularity and is the color of mental practice concentration. The person who own like to have merits, interesting in Karma and love to help others. Apart from appeal good fortune and money, will create the progress in duty and assignment.
- Have a smoothly in life, without obstacles because yellow color is the color of dependence and welcome supporting.
- Suitable for the person who want to have the smoothly duty and fulfill in property such as money and any desires as you wish.


Green Color:-- Related with God, Brahma and soul of a powerful psychological like a wishing crystal as you want. Relief that the holy will have the mercy to help and support. May be useful to communicate with the different other worlds because green diamond serpent will help with the mental concentration.
- Have power; make the mental peace, faster concentration and stability easily. Also help to protect and save.
- If the color is quite dark or dark, will have the great power both merit power and supernatural power
- Intellectual knowledge is like councilor who has knowledge and strong magic. Reliable and ensure the respectively for those who heard with fair.


Blue and Navy Blue Color:-
- This color is the color of King Class who is the leader, high governor, has the great power or concerned in dynasty. Must to build and accumulate the merit in long ago. Only those who can acquire the ownership and must have a moral in normal. Otherwise, may fail to loss in life.
- Suitable acquired person will help to promote both prestige and power, protect from the enemy, respectively from others, create a wealth to support the prestige and have long life because god is sacred to maintain coverage. Also have the agility in everything.


Orange Color:-
- This color is protecting from weapons.
- Used for worship and also be the body decoration. If not, brought the diamond serpent in the small pedestal on the water and worship with water or juice. When will take it to use, invitation with the common language which good auspicious to you.

- When go to have the merit, don’t forget to sacrifice the favors to serpent because they will happy and very please in special favors. It helps to increase the pure power to diamond serpent or Srinagar glass gem. Serpent pleased to stay with a person who has good moral and favorite in the charity.
- Help to promoted into a good ways, but for the immoral people, will not have any benefit because didn’t have a pure mind.





This is POWERFUL and very FINE amulet from ORIGINAL Place in Thailand .