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LP. TUAD Amulets

LP. TUAD / THUAD Amulets

wat chang hai

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"PutThung DhumMung SunkKung SaraNung KudChaMi" One of the best monk in Thailand, Somdej Jao PaKoRa or Luangpu Tuad, one of success monk who become Phra Arlahun. Many miracle story about him. (I'll tell one of his miracle which is very famous until these day.) One day he have travel by ship to Choompon Province, there was a big wave and the ship can not get though. They have to stay in the sea for 7days until there none of foods and water left. Luangpu Tuad put his foot into the sea, then said to everyone to drink it and gather the water then stock them for supply. The sea's water was savorless/fresh, just like comon drink water. This give him a named "Luangpu Tuad Stand over tasteless Sea" until today. His amulets are one of the best/chant things by Phra Arlahun.

Luang Phor Tuad (B.E.2125)

Western year 1582 - Wat Changhai, Pattani province.

The legend of a high priest, Luang Phor Tuad (LP Tuad) was originated from Kingdom of Ayutthaya period (it was Thailand capital that existed from 1350 to 1767) and have lived during the reign of King Maha Dhammaraja, in the mid-sixteenth century; his exact date of birth is not known, just recounted from ancestors in his holiness. This information was composed to be LP Tuad biography. LP Tuad ordained as a novice at the age of 15 and as a monk in his early years living at Wat Phra Kho in Songkhla province. LP Tuad decided his pilgrimage travel to Ayutthaya province to gain more experience, he resided in an old temple name Wat Rachanuwat outside the city where he continued to study the Buddhist scriptures.

According to legend, when LP Tuad was a child hanged in the cradle between two big shady trees near the paddy field, he was nearly attacked by a large snake curled around him, to everyone's surprise he remained unharmed. Instead the snake spit out a snake pearl to him and left away. Another miracle is that LP Tuad changed the seawater into drinking water somewhere in the ocean on the way to Ayutthaya province. LP Tuad returned back to Wat Phra Kho, Songkhla as a famous monk, later he left his remaining in Wat Phra Kho. In the temple you can see the replica image of LP Tuad, and his Walking Stick, Foot Print and Crystal Snake Pearl being enshrined there – eventually he became the abbot of Wat Changhai in Pattani province. It is said that LP Tuad passed away in Malaysia, his cremation is remained by his disciples at Wat Changhai, his second resided temple. The date of his death is unknown. LP Tuad that had leaved the world and attained enlightenment worthy of nirvana but still remains in the human world helping peoples.

Luang Phor Tuad

Wat Changhai, Pattani province.




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