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LP. Ngern Amulets

LP. Ngern Amulets

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LP. Ngern

Luangpor Ngern born at 16 September B.E.2353 Friday, His father name "Au" and mother name "Fug", Bangclarn village, Pijit Province. Lp.Ngern become novice monk at the age of 12 years old at Wat Chanasongkram. When he turn 21st years old, he become senior monk at Wat Tongpu then move to Wat Kongkararm. At this temple, Lp.Ngern don't like much because an abbot of this temple interest in black magic and stuffs. Luangpor Ngern alway interest only the teaching of Buddha, then he have go for Tudong (Monk's Journey). Later on he become an Abbot of Wat Bangclarn. Luangpor Ngern have success in Dhamma and become one great monk of Thailand, his amulets are very famous with many story which protect the wearer and bring great fortune wealth. Luangpor Ngern have pass away in B.E.2462 at an age of 109 years old.




Luang Phor Ngern's Sacred Amulets .

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